The individual possesses knowledge and experience, and therefore each individual is unique thereby leading to unique interpretations. When students reread the epigraphs, keeping in mind any patterns, they can discover a connection with the text and the author. It is a common enough experience for a person to say that on their second reading he noticed things he had missed when he read the book for the first time. Students will stop at each section and form small groups in order to discuss and address questions to guide their comprehension and understanding of the text. Through this strategy, students will be reading for the main ideas by understanding the story line and for the most part agreeing with the author in order to develop their own interpretation. With this strategy, students will now question the text and the author.

What does this wickedness entail? Once the students have color-coded and applied symbols, in the margins around their paper they will write their ideas, explanations, and the meanings behind their markings. Ironically, however, McCandless did not apply the same code to his own father. As a teacher, I envision that each of my students will discover and make strides to fulfill their own meaning in life. This scaffold will allow students to form connections between McCandless’s world in the text and their personal journey towards life after high school. The curriculum is aligned with the Common Core State Standards and college-level reading and writing demands. The use of an epigraph is always a mute gesture whose interpretation is left up to the reader.

erwc into the wild essay prompt

In their packets, students will respond to the following questions:. To address this one-sided perception, students should observe as carefully as possible the elements that are planted within a text. As students read the text and the four letters, they will first gain an understanding of characters, conflict, plot, and narrator — reading with the grain to understand the text.


erwc into the wild essay prompt

Do you think McCandless would fit into modern life — a job, a home, a mate, children? Epigraphs force readers to pause and notice the transition from the world to the work, from life to the novel. What was McCandless like as a child and as a teen? The fictive and poetic signals in addition to the critical reading skills required to derive meaning from the epigraphs are so multi-faceted that the reading task becomes daunting.

Epigraphs Epigraphs or “mottos” as they are still often called first became popular in Europe during the early eighteenth century, accompanying the growing phenomenon of middle-class reading. As they approach graduation day, my goal is for the students at the senior level to develop essqy own truth mantras through knowledge and peompt so that they may indeed live happy, meaningful lives according to their own interpretations.

I want these young adults to be critical about information that is presented to them information about API scores, health and life insurance, Supreme Court rulings, investments, etc.

Students will read each letter, and in their packets they will essa notes on the perspective of each sibling. Does this quote reflect Krakauer’s own views about the relationship between children and their parents? They whined and complained that they were burdened by having to analyze the epigraphs, claiming that the epigraphs had little to do with the plot, main character or narrator.

This stance can be applied to epigraphs as well. Krakauer provides a lot of quotations from McCandless’s journal in these chapters.

Both sources offer varying perspectives of McCandless.

erwc into the wild essay prompt

Regardless of the different perceptions students may have of him, McCandless maintained “truth” as his life’s mantra. Ultimately, students will focus on selected epigraphs to draw interpretations regarding the themes in the text. Annotation Exercises Students will either be asked wrwc hand-copy epigraphs into their packets or they may be given copies.


For the purposes of this unit, the epigraphs in question are the quotes or excerpts pulled from various literary sources that Krakauer selected and planted at the beginning of each chapter in his text. This unit will serve as a tool for me and other teachers peompt demonstrate the reliability of eseay viewpoints in order for students to develop their own interpretations. Does Krakauer display [self-congratulation] in sharing McCandless’ story?

To end the first reading of the text, students will be tasked with a timed essay. Books were found next to McCandless’s body upon his death. Independence High School has an ethnically diverse student population.

Epigraph-allacy: Using Epigraphs to Elicit Student Interpretations

When their annotations are complete, they wilx be asked to discuss their findings with a partner, and then share with the whole class. What is McCandless talking about? My students swallowed the verbal meaning of the epigraphs eventually, but did not progress into textual meaning. Interestingly, other epigraphs came from McCandless’s own hand. Why would you do it, and for how long could you see yourself doing that activity?

Epigraph-allacy: Using Epigraphs to Elicit Student Interpretations

At this point in the text, Krakauer transitions to his own experiences. Was this epigraph directly related to McCandless or to Krakauer himself? An epigraph is what my students pinpoint as the “quote at the beginning of the chapter. To begin with the first reading, the text will be divided into three sections: I didn’t want them to just know about the text, I wanted them to live the text.