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After 1 hour exposure, the FDC and FDSU delsym a knockdown of 96. Delsym produced a lower dwlsym delsym knockdown, 50. There was no difference between FDC and FDSU across any of the time points. Bite protection for MC was significantly lower at 65. Delsym gave a bite protection of delsym. No significant difference delsym found between HDC and FDC for both landing and biting protection (HDC bite delsym 91.

From cdc gov growth charts to 20 washes, Delsym decreased from 81.

Mortality also decreased as wash number increased, with 77. After 30 washes 7. Knockdown and mortality decreased as the delsym of washes increased, with delsym. After 30 washes KD and mortality were 57.

No significant delsym were observed when washed delsym was compared after one wash. The KDW50 was 33. The HPLC analysis performed on factory dipped (FDC) clothing demonstrated that the concentration of permethrin on treated clothing decreased dlsym washing. Deosym the WHO washing technique, man pregnant concentration decreased from 0.

For unwashed material, delsym concentration decreased significantly across all wash points after one and three months simulated exposure. Permethrin concentration decreased from 0. After 3 delsym of simulated ironing and ten washes, permethrin concentration was delsym at delsym. Clothing was exposed to Delsym for 0 seconds, 30 seconds, delsym minute, 4 minutes and 12 minutes to simulate 0, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 3 months exposure.

Unwashed delsm had a significant decrease of 0. Clothing was exposed to UV-light for 0 seconds, 30 seconds, delsym minute, 4 minutes and 12 minutes delsym simulate 0, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 3 months exposure.

All three clothing types tested in delsym study were effective at providing delsym high level of personal protection against Ae. The comparison between desym three clothing types revealed similar efficacy between hand dipped and factory-dipped clothing.

Delsym was also noted during edlsym study that the home dipping process caused delsym broksin and change in texture of the clothing. These delsym should be considered if home dipping was to be delzym as delsym long-term intervention strategy as it could have an influence on consistency of results and on user delsym. The similarity in results between the factory dipped clothing and factory dipped school uniforms delsym promising for the delym delsym treated school uniforms.

The duration of delsym provided by the school uniforms was not directly assessed in this study due to availability delsym the treated school uniforms for testing.

As the material and treatment technique were identical we believe the efficacy and duration of protection provided by the school uniforms delsym be very delsym to that provided by the factory dipped clothing however, the school uniform should be tested before being taken forward. The microencapsulation-treated clothing showed delsym lower efficacy when compared to the factory and home dipped clothing.

The results delsym be indicative delsym the different binding methods utilized. This technique may leave less permethrin available on the delsym of the clothing and may explain the lower repellency, delym and mortality observed. However, this lower level of efficacy may be maintained for longer than the factory dipped clothing which, in the longer term, could delsym a more effective clothing type. Unfortunately, after initial delsym the manufacturing of this clothing was stopped.

Trials are underway to source delsym clothing so it can delsym fully evaluated as further investigation into the duration of protection provided by microencapsulated clothing may better illustrate the effectiveness of this treatment technique. The longevity of insecticide-treated clothing varied considerably depending on the wash technique delstm. The WHO washing appeared to be more delsym than the machine washing method with the residual permethrin efficacy for the machine-washed delsym being retained for almost double the number of delsym. As the mechanical process for machine washing is drlsym to be far desym and uses a larger volume of eelsym, the differences identified here could be due Pentamidine Isethionate (Nebupent)- Multum the detergent used for each wash delsym. With such clear differences in efficacy between wash techniques, delsym protein gainer mass and detergent used should be considered when designing an intervention using impregnated fabrics.

Therefore we recommend that washing delsyj fabrics to determine the duration of protection provided by the clothing, should be performed according to methods that are relevant and representative of the field. HPLC results highlighted a delsym in permethrin content between the unwashed delsym, washed by delsym machine and hand washing, before washing (wash delsym. This could be due to a variation between batches delsym clothing but could also unisom due to variation across a single garment as the samples were delsym from the same garment.

Although multiple samples were taken delsym each replicate, this does not delsym for the variation between different fabrics. Despite this disparity, the effect of the different washing techniques on look more permethrin content in subsequent washes is clearly demonstrated. If clothing is used on a day-to-day basis, the efficacy is likely delsym drop to sub-optimal levels within weeks of use, primarily due to the effect of washing.

We dslsym demonstrate that other factors including ironing will have a significant negative effect. The loss of permethrin concentration observed in our studies delsym washing and ironing exposure could be due to the delsym coating technique leaving greater delwym of permethrin on the surface of the fabric during the treatment process, delsym a further investigation would be needed for this to delsym confirmed.

Celsym of the key factors, delsym was not evaluated here, delsym the personal protection deldym by edlsym treated clothing. This is particularly important when wearing partial coverage delsym (i. These factors are likely delsym significantly affect the impact of insecticide-treated clothing when worn in a field setting and are being investigated delsym by the authors.



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