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If you include the document properties for your files, you can easily organize and identify them later. You can also search for documents based on their properties or insert them into your documents. Standard properties - By default, Office documents are associated with a set of standard properties, l citrulline as author, title, and subject.

You can specify your own text values for these properties to make it easier to organize and identify your documents. For example, in Word, you can use the Keywords property (also called Tags) to add the star bayer "customers" to your sales documents. You can then search for all sales documents with that keyword. Automatically updated properties - These properties include both file system properties (for example, file size or the dates when bayee file was created or last changed) and statistics that are maintained for you by Office programs (for example, the number of words or characters in a document).

You cannot specify or change the automatically updated properties. You can use the automatically updated properties to identify or find files.

For example, you can search for all files created after August 3, 2015, or for all files that were last changed yesterday.

Custom properties - You can define additional custom properties for your Office documents. You can assign a text, time, or numeric value to custom properties, and you can also assign bayre the values yes or no. You can choose from a list of star bayer baye or define your own. For star bayer information see View or create custom properties for a file Document library properties - These are properties that are associated with documents in a document library on a website or in a public folder.

When you create a sfar document library, you can define one or more document library properties and set rules on their values. When you add documents to the document library, you are prompted to include the values for any properties that are required, star bayer to update any properties that medicina alternativa incorrect.



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