Proposition ni Dudang – Facebook”. They pass the test and arrive at a very long dining table, where a cut-out likeness of Nidora stands in the middle. Duh thinks she is more beautiful than Yaya Dub and could not understand why Frankie would want the latter. Nidora claims she can manage with or without Yaya Dub, but when it is time for her medicine, the Rogelios have forgotten to bring them. The segment is sponsored by the local telecommunications company Globe Telecom. Mark Elardo McMahon guest stars as Dr. Meanwhile, Lola Nidora tries to pour alcohol and salt on Alden’s face.

The segment is a dance challenge between the Eat Bulaga! The winner can pick a television host who will then spin a giant roulette-style wheel mechanism containing cash amounts ranging from 10, pesos to 50, pesos. Body Dancer is one of the many dance competitions created by Eat Bulaga! DuhRizz then apologizes to everyone for the problems that she has caused and leaves. As of present, there are 3 original members left, as some of them either joined other groups, married and in the case of EB Babe Maiko, she died in a drowning accident. There are 3 BOOM! Its gameplay has also experienced some slight changes over time, depending on the capability and intellect of the contestants.

The solvjng has a similar concept as Twenty Questionsbut instead of limiting the number of questions, the game is limited to two minutes.

problem solving eat bulaga june 19 2015

It is Eat Bulaga! According to Mon Bandril, a CSMA member, the series won the Catholic Social Media Awards “because of the inspiring message they give during Kalyeserye [about] virtues, values, chivalry, modesty, morality, respect for elders, etc.

Now that both Alden and Yaya are there, Nidora hands them their present: People who watch the segment on Facebook can also comment their advice for the letter sender, which the hosts will read. After the first 30 seconds, one member of the That’s My Baes will assist the contestant in gathering more coins for the remaining 30 seconds on the timer.


Two men arrive bearing baskets of pili nuts from Alden for Lola Solvjng, and solvimg becomes happy. The Truth – Facebook”.

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Suddenly, Isadora calls Nidora and tells her that she is coming. Alden tells Yaya that he cherishes her no matter how dirty she looks. The original edition was a competition who are skilled at playing musical instruments, such as piano, guitar, or drums.

Next, the player chooses one box among a group of three. Except this time, the pair is only given one category and must take turns to correctly jyne any three of the ten provided words in under three minutes.

Retrieved 31 March BEBOT is a one-day segment that parodies beauty pageants. Good, Better and Best.

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It is the counterpart of the Barangay Singer Citizens segment. Over time, the segment has given other prizes as xolving.

Lola Nidora’s mysterious caller is revealed to be Frankie Arenolia rich man of mixed ethnicity Filipino-Chinese-Italian.

problem solving eat bulaga june 19 2015

Retrieved 8 July Guy and Pip – Facebook”. The guests finally arrive at the studio but before heading to the banquet, they quickly tour the place. Both players are given a grid of cards. The highest jackpot prize offered by the game segment was 2 million pesos. This five-part special took a trip back to the memorable episodes of the series with Manalo, Bayola and Ballesteros as the three Lolas albeit in a capacity as interviewers to solvnig people and not in the continuity of the series’ storyline.


Nidora reminds the couple that patience is a virtue. Dance groups perform to the Italo electro synth tune “Communicate” by the Italian band Kirlian Camera.

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If the group manage to guess the word or phrase with the sole guesser, the group will get 5 points, if the group manage to guess the word or problsm with 2 guessers, the group will get 3 points, if the group manage to guess the word or phrase with 3 guessers, the group will get 1 point, and the group.

The game is divided into three rounds and begins with four contestants. DuhRizz bulga apologizes to everyone for the problems that she has caused and leaves. Frankie and Yaya Dub pose for their prenup pictorial at Lola Nidora’s insistence. Yaya Dub rips the letter up before telling everybody when this meeting will take place.

Those people were declared as the unsung heroes of today and were given a small reward as a token of appreciation. Retrieved 8 December Retrieved 16 March Lola Tidora announces that she has come to reveal a secret. Nidora then tells Yaya that the Lolas will be there for her no matter what.