The steady beat of drums can sometimes be heard late in the night as a single drummer is suddenly inspired to pick up the rhythm. As inter-island boats dock, they are greeted by pseudo-New Guinea tribal drummers. Hotels and resorts for miles around are reserved solid months in advance, but many houses near the festival have spare rooms that families let out. Some time later, the Ati people were struggling with famine as the result of a bad harvest. Free Essays on Dinagyang Festival. Ati Atihan Festival Schedule Yes, it is the Ati-atihan festival.

Competitors rehearsed for weeks before the festival and dress in very colorful costumes, wearing masks and headdresses, and paint their bodies with black ash to turn up like the native Ati. Aside from these two, Kalibo in Aklan continues to draw a number of visitors to its Ati-Atihan Festival , which also has the Santo Nino at the core of its festivities. By midmorning, small groups gather in their respective neighborhoods. Of course, this claim is recounted in various towns along the northeast coast of Panay but through the years, Kalibo has established itself as the Ati-Atihan center. The price agreed upon was a solid gold hat and a basin. Wednesday, January 12, Ati-atihan Festival and History.

Kalibo – Ati Atihan

New York, NY ; fax: Describe a custom from your country that you would like people from other countries to adopt. All About Ati-Atihan Festival They gave a very long necklace to the wife of the Ati chieftain.

The feestival attraction is Boracay beach is less than an hour away so many tourists and visitors view the festival and then visit Boracay for a complete and well-rounded vacation.


ati atihan festival essay

The Spanish clergy did not oppose moderate drinking but were able to attack excessive indulgence as a threat to public morality. Aklan’s Ati-atihan, and Naga. By weekend all accommodations are gone although there seems to be no need for them as nobody bothers to sleep anyway.

The ato is held on the third week of January every year on the second Sunday after Epiphany in Kalibo in the Aklan province on the island of Panay. As inter-island boats dock, they are greeted by pseudo-New Guinea tribal drummers.

Yearly this is evident with the arrival at the new airport terminal of chartered flights carrying tourist from Incheon, South Korea and Shanghai, China. Everybody gets to join in! The people in general are naturally peaceful and religious folks.

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The Ati-atihan festival, the mother of all festivals in the Philippines, the origin of pinoy festivities. As the festivities are going on, be cautious of your personal belongings as cases of pickpockets and occasional brawls abound due to the rush of people from other towns coming to also celebrate. Its origins are in the 13th century, when 10 families fled Borneo and landed on the Philippine island of Panay.

The phrase “Hala Bira!

ati atihan festival essay

Among the Visayans, the Spaniards wrote, it is not quite proper to drink alone or to appear drunk in public. The sun had not yet risen,but Sibukaw felt warm. A colourful happening with celebrants who paint their faces in many different ways and who are dressed in the most outstanding costumes. The dancers attract tourists from all around the world and these tourists then hit the shore on the sands of a nearby island named Boracay island for parties once the festivities are completed. They fill the streets of Kalibo, Aklan, they sound up the drums and it is only once a year.


Kalibo Hotels for Ati Atihan.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The celebrants’ dreams are reinforced by rosaries and prayers which absolve them from their sins and resurrect them as new persons, maybe with a hangover, but definitely saved again.

The town of Kalibo is relatively safe to stay around. Popular culture essay Ati atihan festival in popular culture alan festuval essay popular culture popular culture twame m. The festival is Celebrated in honor of the Sto.

ati atihan festival essay

DOT expands faith tourism program to include Muslims. Halloween tradition at Christmas celebrates ‘Ninos Inocentes’ in Aklan. Celebrants ape the dance of the Atis.

Here is the short description of the Aklan City.

It could be the achievement of a good trade, a bountiful harvest, release from famine and storm, a peace pact between military people, a prayer answered, a vow reaffirmed, or just plain ecstasy for life. Organizers of the event design a good security plan as there will be more than Policemanthere will be Army solders available too for protecting the peoples and intelligence agencies will help to secure this year festival. This article needs additional citations for verification.