If you are eligible for a resit, you will be entered automatically for the resit s at the next available opportunity. Have you heard about academic support classes? For group submissions, a group leader and group member coversheet will be available; online submissions will be submitted through the normal process, detailed in your module guide which you will get from your course team or via Moodle. Please note that if you disagree with the academic judgement of an Assessment Board about how it has assessed the merits of an individual piece of your work or about how it has reached a decision on your progression or on your final grade, this will not constitute valid reasons for requesting a review. Failure to do so will impact negatively on your degree. You may, however, only withdraw from modules before the date of the first assessment.

You may appeal against the rejection of an extension application within 5 working days and against the rejection of a deferral application within 7 working days of the rejection, if you have significant new evidence relating to the initial request which was not considered with the original application or if you have a specific allegation of irregularity regarding the conduct of the approval process. CAW changes to note. Information on student admissions and progression will be publicly available; however, it will not be possible to identify individuals from this information, which will assist the University in ensuring equality of opportunity. There are standard procedures for handing-in your coursework, applying for an extension to the deadline or requesting deferral of assessment. The following two methods are used to calculate your Honours Degree classification and the higher result is awarded: A full-time student will normally register for credits in an academic year.

We are running the following Are you interested in featuring in the new Coventry University student recruitment campaign? Read the rest of this topic 97 words. It is in the best interest of all students, for the University to maintain the good courswwork of its awards. Studying at university can be challenging and all students need to keep developing their academic skills in order to be successful.


Failure to do so will not be an acceptable defence if you fail to comply with requirements. If you do not succeed in redeeming the failure s via resit, the Programme Assessment Board may use its discretion to allow you to repeat the module s at the next available opportunity.

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In control engineering, a discrete-time system has the following closed-loop transfer function: F Plagiarism and how to avoid it: Enrolment on to a course has immediate cost implications and cancellation of study must be verified via the University withdrawal process and you will be charged a proportion of course fees.

The marketing team are looking for postgraduate students to be the face of the new campaign. The full policy can be found at: Please note that the work submitted should be your individual effort. Studying at university can be challenging and all students need to keep developing their academic skills in order to be successful.

Full information on the criteria which the new evidence must fulfil can be found in Appendix 3 of the Academic Regulations: Enrolment at Coventry University indicates consent to the uses of personal data as described above. See Section I for information on appealing against an extension rejection.

Data collation jobs available. Two copies should be printed double-sided ; one for your own records and the other, to be submitted, must include a printed bar-coded coversheet. H Examinations You are required to attempt all assessed aspects of your course at the first opportunity. Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer.

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It is very important that you read them and continue to univeristy them and understand your responsibilities during the course of your studies. You must ensure that you manage your time to meet coursework submission deadlines. Mode C — The minimum module pass requirements for Honours and Degree etc. Any student registered for fewer than credits is normally classed as part-time.


Thefts, loss of coursework or failure to keep back-up files are not valid reasons.

coventry university nova coursework

Final year BAME student? Where changes are permitted you are expected to have completed this by the Monday of the third week of teaching.

After SABs have ratified the marks for all the modules and your PAB has reached a decision about you regarding your progression on a course or your final award, your results will be released via the Student On-line Academic Record system SOLAR and you will receive an email notifying you of this release to your University e-mail account.

This is done at two levels: In the event that there is an IT system failure and there is no or only limited access to the Coventry University website, latest information and notifications, for example in relation to changes regarding examination schedules in the event coventdy extreme weather conditions, can be found on the University Twitter feeds and Facebook site.

coventry university nova coursework

This means that your image, details and email address will be available worldwide, including in countries where the rights of data subjects are not protected by law.

Would you like to earn some money by being a data collation assistant at the University? If you provide documentary information for the purposes of any University procedure e.

coventry university nova coursework

If so, the Research Centre for Global Learning: This is then processed to amend our records to show your new programme of study.