Due to elevation of the areas are bellow the mean sea level, whole the areas including agricultural and homestead land, roads and paths, educational institutions, local markets everything has gone under salty water just 68 Wikipedia undated. More than kilometre of embankment breached and more than thousand people were displaced. Besides these institutions are relatively in higher than the locality and so many forced migrants took shelter in. In India, at least people were killed, [11] [12] two by electrocution, and hundreds others were left homeless as torrential rains led to flooding. Can large scale environmental migrations be predicted? A mammoth amount of money needed for building civic infrastructures like housing, electricity, water and sanitation facilities which are quite difficult for Bangladesh.

Usually the owners of the slums switch off the fan and light after More than kilometre of embankment breached and more than thousand people were displaced. However, early warning dissemination by the cyclone preparedness program volunteers significantly reduced unexpected human casualty. Part of the North Indian Ocean cyclone season. Retrieved May 23, Out of 42 million, thousands were only from Bangladesh

The specific objectives of this study are: Within the forced displaced people by cyclone Aila, 1 latrine is used by every forty person in their settlements.

cyclone aila case study bangladesh

Priorities for Action, Dhaka: Situation Reports for Cyclone Aila. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Cyclone Aila. Another 14, acre of shrimp farm and freshwater fishes of 3, village ponds 1, acre has been submerged and damaged The rate of poverty in these areas is Forced Migration Review, OctoberIssue 31 Archived from the original on May 24, National Strategies may consider the following propositions: Mongla was very less affected by cyclone Aila.


cyclone aila case study bangladesh

During the study, a total bangladesu 14, people in 2, families of Aila affected people are found in the Khulna city and its peri-urban areas. It is expected that the government will be able to understand the propositions, facilitate a national process to assess the situation and initiate discussions, dialogues and negotiations at all possible forums.

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This paper aimed to explore the causes of human casualty and property damage by cyclone Aila and associated storm surge in southwestern coastal Bangladesh as well as the mechanisms, which contribute towards the creation of resilient community in the aftermath of cyclones. Since a major part of these Rickshaw Pullers are unskilled, road accidents are increasing day-by-day at an alarming rate The areas are protected from tidal and storm surges by about kms coastal embankments in which kms has been damaged fully or partially by the storm surge of cyclone Aila Among the Aila migrants The other classes including lower middle class migrated after a few days when they failed to survive in their ancestral home by their own capacity or resources.

Implications for Food Security. The poorest and the poor communities had left their areas at the atudy shaking of cyclone Aila ailx they have to live on hand to mouth and totally depend on daily income through labour. Consequently, the study team depended on the oral citations of respondents to select resettlement areas and respondents.

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Global Climate Risk IndexBonn: Several homes were damaged in the area and power was cut due to fallen trees and power lines. No injuries were reported in cuclone state.


For the first time in their life, the Aila affected people depend on outer sources for drinking water. Allowing the CIDPs to resettle in industrialised rich countries as their fundamental rights derived from bangldaesh credits; 4.

cyclone aila case study bangladesh

Bangladesh has no policy on Displacement, Internal Migration or Resettlement59, it is facing decade-long clash between the settlers and local indigenous inhabitants of Chittagong Hill Tracts CHT. In comparison to earlier cyclones, that of similar magnitude, Aula Aila caused lower death toll due to implementation of efficient early warning systems, cyclone shelters and disaster relief allocation system.

On the basis of age classification 8. In the Bhola District of Bangladesh, an estimatedpeople evacuated to higher areas and shelters as Aila neared landfall. According to Norwegian Refugee Council NRCmore than 42 million people were displaced in by natural disasters in which more than 38 million by climate related disasters. Archived from the original on May 23, Migration, Environment and Climate Change: Joint Typhoon Warning Center. Lack of job opportunities and economic instability also related with migration trend.

However, early warning dissemination by the cyclone preparedness program volunteers significantly reduced unexpected human casualty.