His hobbies Included reading, photography, hockey and billiards. A true patriot who can never be forgotten. He prevented the uncontrolled plane from falling on innocent Indian civilians and in the effort laid his own life. I think its time we open this case once more. This site uses cookies. He had said that his son was of a quiet disposition; a modest boy, not given to boasting, and not interested in making money. Salute to u late Rashid.

You are the inspirations for all other soldiers. Salute to the young soul. Raina Sartaj Singh J. Later, the family shifted to Rawalpindi. Salute to you Sir Our generations will Inshallah remember you Rashid, we salute you,thank you Down for remembering this brave young man.

In the air, Minhas struggled physically to wrest control natiknal Rahman; each man tried to overpower the other through the mechanically linked flight controls. Chaudhry thought that Minhas probably jettisoned the canopy at low altitude causing Rahman to be thrown from the cockpit because he was not strapped in.

Other interesting point howBangladeshis perceive this. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here How it was stolen from the market?

That’s how heroes are born and die. Rashid Minhas spent his early childhood in Karachi. United we stand and will crush them.

Every young man and woman of Pakistan must have the same spirit to fight for the honor of the country. Dear Son of soil, You will be remembered Always.


He passed and qualified for his Senior Cambridge examination and performed well while finishing the O-level and A-level qualifications from the St. The spirit of Rashid Minhas was far from broken. He sacrificed himself for the country and gave dreams to millions.

You all are our hero and will remain in our hearts. Proud of the nation – No wonder Pakistan is inneed of such emotions. May All bless you all and grant you all the highest place in heaven.

Remembering The National Hero- Rashid Minhas

Rahman’s body, however, was not in the jet and the canopy was missing. For this act of heroism above and beyond the call of duty, he was awarded the highest gallantry award of Nishan-i-Haider. The gallant officer braved martyrdom at Later, the family shifted to Rawalpindi. Will always remain in our heart.

Indira Gandhi Sam Manekshaw P. Pakistan needs diplomatic push to exit FATF grey list.

Rashid Minhas Shaheed remembered- Samaa Digital

Even if the parties are ready for such a prolonged protest, there has to be a consensus on the goal. Similarly, Rahman was honored by Bangladesh with their highest military award, the Bir Sreshtho.

essay on national hero rashid minhas

Bengali opens the rear hatch by passes the first seat from the rear and attacks the pilot, in a aircraft which is designed for training and have no access to cockpit from the rear only from the top.

You will always be remember for your courage and patriotism.


essay on national hero rashid minhas

In an interview telecast on DJ Karachi Television on August 28Rashid’s father had said that his son was, from the very beginning, interested in a career in which he could serve the country and nation according to the best of his capacities. Pakistan is standing due to bravery of such officers. Minhas attempted to gain control of his jet trainer when his commanding officer Flight Lieutenant Matiur Rahman was trying to defect to Indiaand deliberately commandeer his plane that crashed near the Thatta DistrictSindh in Pakistan.

His second solo flight in that type of aircraft. Well done, indeed Dawn. We all can not forget the sacrifices of our hero and our prayers will always be with our Pak Army. Ae puttar hattan tey nain wikdey.

essay on national hero rashid minhas

Chaudhry felt that the jet was too close to the ground at that time, too far out of control for Minhas to be able to prevent the crash. Born on 17th Februarythis gallant son of soil got his early education from the city of lights, Karachi.