For me, it was honesty. He shall be held accountable for the disposition of all requests for assistance. In , the ratio of government personnel to the total population is 1: It is not only a mistake for employee satisfaction and retention, but it also has negative business consequences. It entails the use of public power for private advantage in ways which transgresses some formal rule of law. Every department, office and agency shall continuously conduct research and experimentation on measures and adopt innovative programs which will provide motivation to officials and employees in raising the level of observance of public service ethical standards.

They also have quasi-judicial powers in that they can adjudicate and decide cases and enforce their own decisions, including the imposition of sanctions which may include suspension from office or even dismissal from government service. However, administrative discipline is not a function within the exclusive jurisdiction of CSC. However, it is their duty to do such. The act of Emy was a form of stealing government property because it does not belong to her. The budget is directly released to these institutions and the heads are authorized to realign savings from their budget.

This presupposes the payment of license to operate, as a regulatory fee, in theexercise of police power of the Local Government Unit concerned. The legal infrastructure and political commitment are supported and complemented by the existence of oversight institutions.

Log In Sign Up. Lesson 1 enumerated the norms of conduct namely: Whistle-blowing is never an easy decision for any employee. I was given an opportunity to express my ideas and opinions regarding the situations. A boos esay act as a model to his subordinates. Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards.


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Reason for this whistleblowing is to ask protection andattention from the people and the media. Republic Act No 1. It should be used for their social mobility.

essay on ra 6713

It was a meaningful experience to organize my thoughts and ideas. There is a possibility that the media or the politician will just use the issue or her fortheir personal interest. Section 1 of Article XI states that: Non-compliance with the procedural requirements constitutes raa for corrective or even punitive action.

So I cannot let him pass through.

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As servants of the people, it is their duty andresponsibility to accommodate everyone. I know for the esday that the government was built through the power of the people.

The common feature of these institutions is they enjoy a substantive degree of fiscal autonomy in the sense that they are not subject to the fiscal controls of the executive. Failure to give the client a written notice on the disapproval of an application or requests.

These Rules shall cover all officials and employees in the government, elective and appointive, permanent or temporary, whether in the career or non-career service, including military and police personnel, whether or not they receive compensation, regardless of amount.

Companies need to invest in on-going employee development in order to both keep employees and be successful. Another thing is that these politicians will use the scandal to elevate their status and popularityamong the people to gain votes for the elections.

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So instead of going to the media or to a politician, she should rather goto the office of the DENR who has the main right about this issue. The people will continue to support the different activities or programs of the government because they trust their officials.


Failure to file sworn statements of assets, liabilities and networth, and disclosure eesay business interests and financial connections.

essay on ra 6713

Culture and tradition; and g Socio-economic conditions prevailing in the country, especially in the depressed areas, and the need for a code of Conduct and Ethical Standards. Civil servants took an oath that he should report every anomaly in his office.

Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials

Sometimes, the norms were overlooked by others. Thousands or even millions of pesos were stolenfrom the national funds of corrupt government officials and employees. Another comprehensive law passed to address and curb the commission of malfeasance in government is Republic Act No.

Taking home supplies on our government offices is a rra form of dishonesty. Imposition of additional irrelevant requirements other listed in the first notice.

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But if I happen to essaay it twice or more, then I will try toknow the reasons why the vehicle is parked there. Employee Development programs benefit individuals as well as companies. This will bring him bothadvantages and disadvantages.