Her working career shows her multifaceted talents and skills. With a degree in Sociology she started her career as a consultant and later international project manager Europe at Philips Lighting where she acquired hands-on and academic experience in the broad field of innovation and project management. Later she received a degree in Business Administration from the University of Bradford and made a switch to academia and education. It will include learning how to develop trust and how to cope with chaos in groups and teams. I believe that she is dedicated to building her career very carefully and keen to excel in the area of her work. Theory and practice often diverge.

He lives with his family in Helsinki, Finland, but the World is his workplace. She is driven, passionate and proactive. I enjoyed her creative ideas and admired open minded approach to resolving challenges. On the other hand, a poor understanding of how human systems, especially values and culture, interplay with technology development, results in toxic organisational cultures and, in some cases, complete systemic collapse with dramatic results. May – April T. Hope to work with her on some more projects. She showed an impressive intelligence, sharp mind and analytical skills in her independent tasks.

estiem case study show 2015

Saskia Harkema grew up in South America and this has had a great influence on her personal development and choices in life. It was a clear indication of her growth mindset and her commitment to put theory into practice. Local group Belgrade counts active members and organises more than ten both local and international events annually.

In this module we will embark on a journey to understand how leadership, change and innovation are intertwined. Later she received a degree in Business Administration from the University of Bradford and made a switch to academia and education.

It will include learning how to develop trust and how to cope with chaos in groups and teams. She was very organized and punctual. One of the best graduate project managers I have worked with and I will highly recommend her to any of my clients. Her mind is set on innovation and improvement – she enriches concepts, while making no excuses on account of quality.


Her business idea was very pragmatic, addressing a real on-campus challenge for international students in a massive city estie, London. It was a real pleasure to work with her and I would be more than happy to recommend her as an irreplaceable addition to any team. We want to understand how an organization functions and frame innovation within the complexity that is part of it. Bright, hard-working and committed to getting the job done. Dear Jim, thank you for everything!

estiem case study show 2015

Based on her reliability and commitment, we create a trustful working relation that enabled us to advance at an accelerated pace towards the next level. Nina’s devotion is never in question.

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sow See what clients and collegues said about me. In addition to her ability to mobilize and motivate a project team, Nina can establish and implement project management processes and procedures within a short time period. She impressed me enough to ask her to help me on a few special projects – where I was able to see her impressive project management skills in action. It consists of case study competition, speed dating, creative workshops and company fair.

Very dedicated to her cause, organized and focused on the objectives to be reached, I will not shy away from the opportunity of working with her again. Personal Webpage Dear Jim, thank you for everything! Also, results of offcial and relevant Serbian institutions are outlined. Created a new project concept and strategy based on research and feedback from previous years; Coordinated a team of Null Object is a digital technology development company studh in Belgrade, Serbia working with digital agencies and StartUps from all around the world.


Morris regarding the implementation practicalities of IE methods will be used as a framework for you to develop your personal strategy for acting as a technical change agent.

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Project Leader An event that connects students and company. Theory and practice often diverge. October – Atudy Case Study Show. She is straightforward and easy to deal with and brings a shos drive to the project organization. I am pleased to have worked with Nina. Improved efficiency and quality of projects and the entire organisation by formulating long-term organisational strategy, determining budgets and monitoring all projects and non-project activities of the local group; Delivered presentations, sent newsletters and introduced co-financing program that motivated 20 local members to actively work on central level and 40 members to travel and attend ESTIEM events; Ensured that Local Group Belgrade is consulted before making any major strategic decision of the entire network by having representatives on all strategic events, as well as keeping close contact with central level Board members; Brought all local board members to the Autumn Council Meeting and had the largest delegation by negotiating with central Board members and ensuring that all applications were high-quality; Organised international events in Belgrade two events organised: She attended a 5 hour optional evening startup pitch session after spending close to 10 hours in the classroom on a Sunday.

LG Belgrade was a 2nd most active casd group in the whole network — 7th place, — 9th place. Shod Summer Academy Leaders.