T increased, P decreased, an earlier onset of first summer rains occurred. These dynamics should be included when modeling solute or pollutant transport. Their effective discharge, close to the half-load discharge , was compared to analytical values based on statistics and rating curves. Ilja van Meerveld, James W. Evaporation fractionation in a peatland drainage network affects stream water isotope composition, Water Resour. This study shows that incorporating or ignoring inter-variable relations between air temperature and precipitation can have a notable effect on the projected snowfall fraction. Ecosystems in the Greater Mekong:

When estimating the rarity of regional events, the dependence of floods at different locations should be taken into account. We show that while erosive rainfall determines the variability of SSC, ice melt generates the highest contribution to SSC per unit of runoff. We showed as ET is a nonlinear function, averaging over sub-grid heterogeneity of drivers of ET, leads to overestimation of ET. We also show when aridity index increases with altitude, lateral redistribution would transfer water from more humid uplands to more arid lowlands, resulting in a net increase in ET. Weerts, and Wilco Hazeleger.

RePub, Erasmus University Repository: Mitochondrial DNA as a Breast Cancer Biomarker

This paper condenses and communicates large amounts of information to accelerate the understanding of relationships between local urban conditions and global processes, and to potentially motivate knowledge transfer between decision-makers facing similar circumstances.

Parameters of the conceptual weerst were left unaltered, as are in most operational set-ups, and the data-driven model was arranged to forecast the corrective measures the conceptual model needs. Floods often affect a whole region and not only a single location. Based on a detailed analysis of the variable behavior of isotopic and chemical tracers in stream water and precipitation over a 4-week period, diwsertation developed a conceptual hypothesis for runoff generation in the studied catchment.


Here we present a three-dimensional fluid dynamic solver that wferts the flow as a mixture of a pressure-dependent rheology model of the gravel mixed with a Herschel—Bulkley rheology of the fine material suspension.

For this, we analyze 24 storm events using high-frequency measurements of stable water isotopes in stream water and precipitation at a pre-Alpine catchment. We found weerfs land cover changes significantly affect water budgets, and pedo-geological features control dry season baseflow.

hubert weerts dissertation

This study used observed meteorology from the last 56 years and changes in vegetation to simulate the water cycle of an Arctic headwater basin. It is a critical step to gap-fill streamflow data for most hydrological studies, such as streamflow trend, flood, and drought analysis and predictions. Averaging over this spatial heterogeneity leads to biased estimates of fluxes in ESMs.

An evaluation of multiplicative error models, J. Furthermore, increased soil erosion threatens the storage capacity of reservoirs. Trend detection in seasonal data: We discovered that midsummer transpiration was mostly supplied by winter precipitation across diverse humid climates. To that, water resources that would be in the donor basin are estimated by hydrological modelling if the last climatic projections are accomplished.

hubert weerts dissertation

By dissfrtation an analytic solution to represent flow along a given river network, we emphasize the dependence of streamflow amplitude and time delay on the geomorphology of the network. The study examines the impact of higher temperatures expected in a future climate on how rainfall varies with time during severe storm events. Weerts, and Wilco Hazeleger.

This study provides technological support to citizen observatories of water, in which citizens can play an active role in capturing information, leading to improved model forecasts and better flood management.


Doctoral dissertations in musicology.

Defining characteristic scales in a wweerts way, we significantly simplify the LEM and develop an efficient numerical modeling approach. Classification methods are used to identify the extreme rainfall classes dry and wet using climate teleconnections.

Hubert weerts dissertation

Isotope hydrograph separations and rapid delivery of pre-event water from drainage basins, Prog. Assessing the impact of future land-use changes on hydrological processes in the Elbow River watershed in southern Alberta, Canada, J. We quantify this discharge sensitivity of F yw and relate it to the dominant streamflow-generating mechanisms. It makes use of streamflow observations to reduce an existing ensemble of model runs for predictive purposes. Getting the right answers for the right reasons: This new method allows storm hysteresis behaviour to be directly compared between storms, parameters, and catchments, meaning it has wide hbert potential in water quality research.

We make these gridded global maps publicly available to support diverse stable-isotope applications. We found that the main contribution to the total flow variability originates from the natural climate variability. Dawson, and James W. In this Technical Note, we present two water balance formulas: T Music and some highly musical people: This model drives a hydraulic model of the river, which is needed to determine erosion wferts sedimentation in the river.

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hubert weerts dissertation

Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods and Data Systems. A data assimilation approach, Water Resour.