Students engage in fruitful deliberations over pressing global issues as diplomats of different countries, in a bid to preserve the ever so violated peace. ShallenKabra gave away the Prize to the winners of all categories to name a few in the Delivering the difference Most Promising Speaker went to Satvika of Jodhamal and the Best speaker award went to Mohd. They inspire the learners and mark their achievement at each stage of their development and at all levels of competence. A feeling of devotion was infused with Ganesh Vandana presented by the students of Jmps. After Orientation the Profile Creation was going on simultaneously for all classes.

The winners walked away with amazon kindle worth Rs and the runners up got gift vouchers worth Rs Simi Srivastav, of international repute. Mesmerize the moment was awarded to Manan and Syesha of G. She also focussed on communication skills as the most important skill which one needs to excel in life. We believe that in the highly.

Jodhamal Public School

It gives a platform to a child at international level to recognize, develop and hone up various skills which are a need of the time today. Bhawna Ajmmu and teacher escort Ms. The festival will try and create new young writers of 21st Century. The teachers namely Ms Bhupinder Kour, Ms Poonam Sarmal and Shweta Bakshi sensitized the students with the simple process by uomework the students practise their hands on the experiment which was a part of their holidays’ homework.

He wished all schools the very best and invited them all for the 4th season of VoxPopuli well in advance for the next year. All Grand parents were highly satisfied and were happy to see Jodhamal imparting values amongst Gen Next with a fun filled plethora of activities.

jodhamal public school jammu holiday homework

Physical abuse might be the most visible type of abuse but other types of abuse such as emotional abuse, neglect, exploitation also leave deep, lasting scars on the mind of the child.

Univariety also helps the students in Profile building University Connects and Interactions. The Jldhamal Principal Ms. A highly interactive session with the parents left them meet the standards and expectations that are stimulating, challenging and educative. The Chief Guest while addressing the gathering appreciated the smartness with which each council member marched and received the badge.


jodhamal public school jammu holiday homework

Amongst the dignitaries from US was Ms. The overall coordination was done by RashiMagotra the senior coordinator of Jodhamal. The hard work and toil of the art and craft department, reflected vividly through the 3D movable props displayed on stage. Create multipart lessons that can be used for a single lessons or modular courses. An authentic simulation of the United Nations, Model United Nations Conference aims at promoting discussions on world affairs encompassing issues as diverse as international peace homweork security, economic cooperation and development, human rights or the protection of the environment.

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A Parent Orientation session was conducted by Mr. Jodhamal Public School The Jodhamal Public School has been built on the sound edifice of traditional wisdom and futuristic thought. They noliday added that the biggest benefit of this pubic is to ease away shyness and the stage fright, fluent public speaking, stronger self-belief, smarter interpersonal skills and sharper cognitive skills.

Manage public details about your school through pre-defined templates such as year groups, classes and members of staff. All Parents were left amazed by scintillating performances put up by tiny tots one after other.

jodhamal public school homework

To enhance the literary skills of the students and imbibe in them good reading habits, extravagant Welham Boys witnessed the Fifth Youth Conference – ” Man and Earth” on the occasion of Earth Day and there were almost 55 Elite Schools from all over India who participated and Team Jodhamalmesmerised everyone with the Team Work on saving the Environment and they worked closely over the last two years with the brick Kilns in the neighborhood area and had been making them aware of the harmful effects of the Smoke that comes out of the chimneys and how hazardous it is to not to use the precipitators to purify the smoke emitting out of these kilns.


Regardless of the type of abuse, schiol result is serious and causes emotional harm on the overall development of the child.

jodhamal public school jammu holiday homework

Roopinder Kaur and Ms. He said that one needs to be voracious in whatever one does to be a Leader par excellence and for that reading is the most important ingredient.

jodhamal public school homework

A heavy in pour of students from all across the Jammu city was seen as they could not get enough of Mrs. It is a moment of great pride for Jodhamal Public School that its teachers get such a wonderful opportunity to interact with such a dignified set of delegates from the US and be a part of the global change. Schools in Homework tracker. They had shown the presentation and spoke on their project in front of the audience and they were highly appreciated for the Confidence, Oratory skills and of course for the wonderful work done by them to safe guard our Planet earth on the occasion of this Earth Day The programme was compered by the junior team of smart oratory experts.

Trustee of the school Mr. The Principal of the school Mr. One more individual delegation of 18 girls participated from Presentation Convent as individuals. Continents Each year we endeavour to create a summer assignment.

The F1in school showcase was the pit booths which was live demonstration by students and a chance for visitors to see such a wonderful display that how the F1in School India are designed,manufactured miniature cars and tested.