The project is entitled “NUSA: They also discovered several critical security vulnerabilities that have lain hidden, for years, in popular open-source SSL libraries. Roberto has just started his Business Development Experience for 6 months at Sanitas, in which he will be able to deliver the background of his thesis to the industry. They present the first verified implementation of a composite TLS state machine in C that can be embedded into OpenSSL and accounts for all its supported ciphersuites. They have visited our facilities and discussed with researchers progress in the different research lines.

This new approach is much more relevant to code optimization that previous resource inference approaches. Both positions start on January later start dates can be negotiated and last 2 to 3 years for post-docs and up to completion of studies for Ph. During one hour, they spoke about science in general and, in particular, about the science they will show in an upcoming event in CSIC’s Residencia de Estudiantes on the evening of September 29th. The Research Group aim to address major challenges of systems based on blockchains and smart contracts, which must be solved so that its use is reliable in areas where high levels of security and data integrity can be achieved. Microsoft Research created these Awards to support research in software engineering technologies, tools, practices, and teaching methods. The seminar was organized by Prof.

The program runs from The school was split between lectures, which introduced the formal foundations behind these tools, and exercises, where the participants used the tools to verify the security of representative cryptographic constructions.

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Office thseis Naval Research. Anton delivered a workshop on programming in Coq aiming at software developers. This award is given by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. SmartTaxiwith a smart app that helps taxi drivers reduce waiting time and to increase their customer pick up rate. The problem affects a large number of web servers and clients and has thus received major media impact.


RV has emerged in recent years as a practical application of formal verification, and a less ad-hoc approach to conventional testing by building monitors from formal specifications.

The goal of the project, entitled “DataMantium: This work proposes a novel algorithmic approach to stability verification of hybrid systems, which uses formal methods. The focus of the first workshop is on verification firmat by Alexey Gotsman and Francesco Jriprogramming languages coordinated by Pierre Yves Strub and Georges Gonthierand security coordinated by Juan Caballero and Ben Livshits.

This work identifies several new threats presented by multiple installations of the same program and shared libraries. This award is given by the European Association on Programming Languages and Systems to the PhD student who has made the most original and influential contribution to the area of Programming Languages and Systems, and has graduated in the period up to November at a European academic institute.

In their last paperafter showing a practical attack, they propose a fix for ZKCP, and also extend this primitive to a new class of problems.

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Press release of the Madrid Regional Government. More details Jul 14, The main novelty of ADSNARK is to work efficiently with authenticated inputs, a useful feature for applications such as smart metering and the emerging wearable computing paradigm. Those attending the conference will have the opportunity to meet women researchers with a consolidated career, the research carried out on campus and will discuss the role of women in science.

Event website Jan 8, Brian is also a founding member of the Microsoft Cryptography Review Board and consults on security and cryptography architectures, protocols, and implementations across the company.

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The workshop was aimed at discussing collaborative work on chosen software projects and, where possible, to bring those advances to Microsoft’s businesses. Starting from a concurrent program and a temporal specification, the techniques generate a finite collection of verification conditions whose validity entails the satisfaction of the temporal specification by any client system, in spite of the number of threads. The European Researchers’ Night in Madridcoordinated by the madrimasd Foundation for Knowledgeis an action financed by the European Comission, celebrated in over european cities at a time.


The paper Measuring Pay-per-Install: This tyesis presents a formal framework based on deductive methods which cleanly separates the analysis of the program control flow from the data manipulated by the program. Please, for more information, contact.

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Somesh is best known his visionary work in information security, formal methods, programming languages, software thedis, and computational finance. Catalano University of Catania, Italy. This series of workshops focuses on Horn clause-based analysis, verification, and synthesis, bringing together researchers working in the communities of Program Verification e.

Lately, he has been focusing on topics ranging from security and privacy to crowdsourcing an augmented reality. This ordering operation is one of the main performance bottlenecks in DLs.

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Link to the full interview. The paper entitled “Constraint Answer Set Programming without Grounding”to be published in Theory and Practice of Logic Programming, describes this novel execution model and shows through several examples the enhanced expressiveness of s CASP w.

The meeting will take place from 9: In the drive-by ecosystem many exploit servers run the same exploit kit software and it is a challenge understanding whether the exploit server is part of a larger operation. The authors present an approach that combines fine-grain incrementality and modularity, which was not covered by previous approaches.

More information about this line of research on Dario’s website.