Dipole excitations via isoscalar probes: Non-exponential and oscillatory decays in quantum mechanics: Wright, Chris Compton, Thomas R. Direct and indirect measurements of the density and temperature dependence of E sym: Identification of deformed intruder states in semi-magic 70 Ni: A comprehensive simulation study of a liquid Xe detector for contraband detection:

Evidence for Rapid Shape Transition: Benchmarking nuclear models for Gamow Teller response: Toggle Search and Navigation Menu. Development of a production target for FRIB: Theory and Modeling Type Ia Supernovae: Measurement of longitudinal spin asymmetries for weak boson production in polarized proton-proton collisions at RHIC:

Fission and the discovery of isotopes International conference on years of Nuclear Fission: Constraining state-of-the-art effective interactions: Population distribution subsequent to charge exchange of Zeller, American Institute of Physics p. First characterization of sd-shell nuclei with a multiconfiguration approach: Reduced quasifission competition in fusion reactions forming neutron-rich heavy elements: Nuclear three-body problem in the complex energy plane: Excited states mau the neutron-rich nucleus 25 F: Special Issue on Superheavy Elements: Statistical uncertainties of a chiral interaction at next-to-next-to leading order: Magnus expansion and in-medium similarity renormalization group: Using beta-decays to constrain n,g reaction cross sections on short lived nuclei Theory for open-shell nuclei near the limits of stability East Lansing, May, Artemisia Spyrou, Neutron resonance widths and the Porter-Thomas distribution: Nuclear charge radius measurements by laser spectroscopy in singly charged ions Workshop on application of highly charged ions, Michigan State University K.


msu nscl thesis

Three-body correlations in the ground-state decay of 26 O: Magnetar giant flare oscillations and the thrsis symmetry energy: Thssis of a production target for FRIB: Quasiparticle coupled cluster theory for pairing interactions: Molecular-flow time properties of RIB type vapour-transport systems using a fast-valve: Two-proton decay from the isobaric analog state in 8 B: Triplet energy difference and the low lying structure of 62 Ga: Digital data acquisition system implementation at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory: Separable representation of proton-nucleus optical potentials: Gamow-Teller response in deformed even and odd neutron-rich Zr and Mo isotopes: Sifting through the remnants of heavy-ion collisions for observables sensitive to the nuclear equation of state: Shape coexistence in 68 Ni: Bright Future for Nuclear Physics: Spectroscopy of 28 Na: Proton capture cross section of 72 Ge thesiss astrophysical implications: Linear envelope model for multicharge state linac: A cosmic-ray veto detector for capture-reaction measurements: Exploring the asymmetry dependence theis the nuclear caloric curve and the liquid-gas phase transition: Sobeck, Wako Aoki, Verne V.


Elastic breakup cross sections of well-bound nucleons: Theoretical developments in the study of deuteron induced reactions Nuclear structure and reactions: Systematics of intermediate-energy single-nucleon removal cross sections:

msu nscl thesis