Projects proposed must be able to illustrate a benefit to watershed restoration and recovery or ecosystem improvement. Receiving Award Funds — Award payments are primarily reimbursable. Monitoring and Project Documentation – Project includes a plan for monitoring progress before, during, and after the proposed project period to track project success and adaptively address new challenges and opportunities as they arise. Eligible meadow projects are referenced in Chapter 1 of the Restoration Strategy. Thursday, March 22, by Through active collaboration, NFWF and USFS established a Restoration Strategy which aims to provide targeted watershed-scale projects to accomplish the highest return on conservation outcomes and return on investments.

Proposals will then be evaluated based on the extent to which they meet the following criteria. Proposals should describe specifically how the project aligns with complementary conservation initiatives, and reference appropriate documentation. Permits — Successful applicants will be required to provide sufficient documentation that the project expects to receive or has received all necessary permits and clearances to comply with any Federal, state or local requirements. Grant awards will be made and managed by NFWF to successful applicants. Competitive proposals will address the conservation and restoration of meadows and benefit the fish and wildlife that depend on this habitat as described Chapter 1 of the Restoration Strategy. Please check the Program page for the most current information at www.

The availability of federal funds estimated in this solicitation is contingent upon the federal appropriations process.

Northern California Forests and Watersheds 2018 Request for Proposals

Applicants should budget time and resources to complete this task. Busines 26, ; 8: The availability of federal funds estimated in this solicitation is contingent upon the federal appropriations process.

NFWF strongly encourages applicants to conduct permit pre-application meetings with the appropriate administering agencies prior to submitting their proposal.

Please contact Candace Leong for consideration of projects that are more than the grant range or outside of the expected completion date.

The purpose of this Program is to restore ecological integrity and healthy functioning of watersheds and ecosystems affected by the Storrie and Power Fires. These requests will be considered per funding cycle.


nfwf meadows business plan

Indicate the type of treatment swhy buainess area was chosen for fuels management and how the treated area will protect California Spotted Owl habitat.

Communication – Project includes a detailed plan to communicate information about the project to appropriate audiences buiness but not limited to peer reviewed and professional publications and meetings. Multi-funding cycle projects must describe expectations for the project for each funding phase to qualify for consideration. California meadows funding is applicable for projects that will benefit the Desert Terminal Lakes basins Figure 4.

If applicable, state how many acres are for improved campsites, or for fuels reduction activities such as mechanical thinning, etc. Matching funds will be rated as follows:.

Northern California Forests and Watersheds Request for Proposals

Multi-funding cycle projects must describe expectations for the project for each funding phase to qualify for consideration. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Identify proposed partners, if known including potential or contemplated subawards to third party subrecipients of the applicantthe roles they will play in implementing the project, and how this project will build new or enhance existing partnerships.

Partnership – An appropriate partnership exists to implement the project and the project is supported by a strong local partnership that leverages additional funds and will sustain it after the life of the grant. The project deliverable s clearly contribute to a practical advancement toward those goals. As may be applicable, successful applicants may be required to comply with such Federal, state or local requirements and obtain all necessary permits and clearances.

Northern California Forests and Watersheds Spring 2019 Request for Proposals – CLOSED

Proposals not meeting the match expectations will be considered on a limited case-by-case basis and are still encouraged to apply. Ineligible applicants include businesses, unincorporated individuals, and international organizations. Competitive proposals will address at least one of the Northern California Forests and Watersheds Restoration Priorities described below.


nfwf meadows business plan

Through this collaborative strategy, the goals of this competitive grant program are to:. This strategy includes projects to manage recreational and non-natural features such as trails, roads, campsites, and fuel breaks.

Some larger-scale projects may warrant multiple funding requests. Project activities are eligible in the affected watersheds, provided the activity has a direct nexus to a need resulting from, or exacerbated by, the fires. These include projects specifically designed to benefit threatened and endangered species, or species of special concern, including but not limited to California spotted owl, Pacific fisher, Pacific marten, willow flycatcher, Lahontan cutthroat trout, and Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frog.

Improved management practices – of acres. The Sierra Nevada meadows priority is to restore and protect mountain meadow ecosystems which serve as key habitat for fish and wildlife and provide hydrological benefits for people, such as increased groundwater storage, flow reliability, and reduced sedimentation.

This strategy includes projects to manage watershed infrastructure such as roads, bridges, culverts, and drainage features.

Northern California Forests and Watersheds Spring Request for Proposals – CLOSED

Non-federal matching funds are required and will be a factor in the proposal evaluation. The goal of the Sierra Nevada meadows funding is to restore habitat and bsuiness restoration benefits.

Dates are subject to change. A Spring Applicant Tip Sheet is available for quick reference while you are working through your application and can be downloaded here. Past Success – Paln has a proven track record of success in implementing conservation practices with specific, measurable results.