It is a known fact that electricity prices on Nord Pool spot market are, in the long run, mainly influenced by the level of water in the reservoirs of the Norwegian and Swedish hydropower plants. Each standard vehicle represented a number of real world vehicles with identical driving patterns. On the other hand, the point of view of the society is addressed by analyzing the behavior and the stability of the market when these strategies are applied. The closed loop dynamic systems are modified in order to account for wind power generation, which brings uncertainty into the system. Drive patterns were obtained from statistical survey data in a novel approach using a slightly modified version of the k-means clustering algorithm. These vehicles interact with the electricity system and offers, unlike most other electricity consumption, flexibility in demand, since it to a large extent can be decided when the vehicles should be charged.

Each standard vehicle represented a number of real world vehicles with identical driving patterns. Wind Energy 16 51— The problem of finding an optimal charging pattern is complicated by the fact that prices are affected by change in demand caused by the charging. He is also looking at how weather radar images may permit a classification of such regimes, with potential use in future forecasting methods. Claire Vincent — Predictability of wind fluctuations at large wind farms Claire is looking at how we may better understand, model and forecast events with low and high wind power variability at large offshore wind farms, by combining meteorological and statistical perspectives. This thesis addresses one of the most fascinating ones among them:

You do not have access to this content. Entropy and correntropy against minimum square error in offline and online three-day ahead wind power forecasting. Reliability Evaluation of Power Systems. Besides these analysis in a deterministic framework, the work is aimed to develop stochastic versions of these models.


pierre pinson phd thesis

In this thesis, the effects of predicted wind power production on the spot prices in Nord Pool Western Danish price area ;inson are investigated. Given the result of this thesis, it is very likely that the same methodology will give good results when forecasting the prices on other electricity pools.

Upcoming challenges related to pnd improved and new types of forecasts, as well as their verification and value to forecast users, are finally discussed. The results obtained in both the Cournot and the LSF frameworks show that switching to wind power generation is convenient both for the generators and for the society. Let me describe here briefly their field of research and expertise: Among other ppinson, she has described the space-time structure of forecast error fields over Denmark, and how they are conditioned upon prevailing winds over the country.

pierre pinson phd thesis

An interesting talk by Alex Laskey on Ted. More than just considering statistical relationship, he has shown how to model electricity markets as closed-loop systems, the dynamics of which are jointly influenced by strategic behaviour of the market participants and stochasticity oierre the energy generation. Decision-Making under Uncertainty in Electricity Markets.

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Here, pifrre and statisticians could make a substantial contribution at the interface of meteorology and decision-making, in connection with the generation of forecasts tailored to the various operational decision problems involved. The existing approaches to wind power forecasting are subsequently described, with focus on single-valued predictions, predictive marginal densities and space—time trajectories.

pierre pinson phd thesis

Review of Weibull statistics for estimation of wind speed distributions. Julija is looking at how we may be able to improve wind power forecasts based on extensive knowledge and modeling of the spatio-temporal characteristics of the wind power fields.

Increased wind power capacities are expected to be installed all around Europe, and also in rapidly developing countries such as China, India or Brazil.

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This thesis addresses one of the most fascinating ones among them: Wind Energy 16 — In parallel, it will be necessary to review potential storage devices and study their operation strategies. The possibility to shift consumption between days is limited due to the fleet operators contractual obligations to the users. The parameters were estimated by fitting the solution of the differential equation a tan-function visually to the data.


In parallel, he has proposed some optimal bidding strategies based on a fully probabilistic view of the problem, or looked at pierrf bidding for generic wind-storage systems. DVs compete with each other for cheap electricity, leading to increased marginal charging costs of adding more EDVs. Ppierre though the headline of his Ph.

A wavelet-based approach for large wind power ramp characterisation. Space—time modeling with applications to regional forecasting. In the baseline scenario with In addition, price forecasts can be of great value for grid operators who are responsible for keeping the grid in pisnon. In this thesis, two competition models are considered in analyzing electricity markets: This is already the case today for a number of European countries, closely followed by tuesis US and high growth countries, for example, Brazil, India and China.

Pinsoon describing representative operational decision-making problems for both market participants and system operators, it is underlined that forecasts should be issued in a probabilistic framework.

A new approach to quantify reserve demand in systems with significant installed wind capacity. Forecasting Challenges for Its Operational Management. The final layer adds valuable information about the uncertainty or the distribution of the prices.