Syllabus of Elitmus Test: There is negative marking in eLitmus exam. The eLitmus aptitude test is off-line test means pen paper based test. Avoid talking about serious matters or issues in writing. Also the sum of 29th term and 30th term is less than

Elitmus test contains 60 questions and those 60 questions to be solved in minutes 2 Hours , Each question carries 10 marks in all the sections. What are the benefits of the eLitmus exam? The process of communication is composed of three elements; the source sender, speaker, transmitter or instructor , the symbols used in the composing and transmitting of the message words or signs , and the receiver listener, reader, or student. The three elements are dynamically interrelated since each element is dependent on the others for effective communication to take place. In this section you will find questions related to Geometry, Number system, Algebra, Permutation and Combination, Probability. Below is the eLitmus syllabus for the verbal ability section.

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Data sufficiency are bit tricky but one can solve it with accuracy. The eLitmus Exam pattern and Syllabus and more your quires are answered in this blog. These unplaced students go for off-campus drives in hopes of getting placed.

Attached below is my score card: Quantitatively eLitmus score is done as follows: If F3 and F4, M1 and M5 and M2 and F5 interchange their positions, then who will be the second person to the right of the person who is opposite to the person second of the right of F4? If you’re good at it then you should go for it else leave it.


I The first Sunday of that month fell on 5th. Difficulty level of this section is average. If there are lh green balls, it can be done in 1 way. Here We demostrate a small example Avoid the impulse to listen only for the end of their sentence so that you can blurt out the ideas or memories your mind while the other person is speaking.


And it’s a process that can be fraught with error, with messages muddled by the sender, or misinterpreted by the elitmuus. Attempt the questions you can answer and leave out the rest of questions because Negative -ve marks will be there in Elitmus Exam.

Elitmus Verbal Reading Comprehension Directions Benefits of Health and Fitness Guest Posting Since it was launched ineLitmus has been redefining how fre While preparing for the eLitmus exam, you need to check the eLitmus syllabus and prepare topics in the order of importance. Your result elit,us been entered into leaderboard Loading.

problem solving syllabus for elitmus ph test

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So there are 7 prime nos. What are the benefits of the eLitmus exam?

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If you’re from an English medium school and have regular understanding on Language and Vocabulary, you won’t face any difficulty.

But what exactly is rapport? Repeat what they are saying, while imitating the intonation and rhythm of their speech. There is no restriction on taking the pH test.

problem solving syllabus for elitmus ph test

Our proprietary pH Test evaluates job seekers based on a variety of parameters, and grades them nationwide using an advanced statistical model, resulting in a pH Score for each candidate. Each box is to be filled up either with a red or sylllabus green ball in such a way that at least 1 box contains a green ball and the boxes containing green balls are consecutively numbered. This article will discuss all the details about the eLitmus pH test.

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problem solving syllabus for elitmus ph test

The three elements are dynamically interrelated since each element is dependent on the others for effective communication to take place.