Best Practices for selecting an external examiner. The proposed external examiner should have the specific experience of supervising a doctoral student through to completion. Approval letters and other documents do not have to be included in the thesis. These criteria require that:. If the statement needs to be replaced, follow the steps below:.

Students can check with their GPA for the departmental deadline. Whether individual or collaborative research, you must have either applied in advance for individual ethics approval as the Principal Investigator P. Thesis submission is entirely online. As such, a conflict of interest will be declared if, in the past 6 years: The thesis submitted through the webform is the version that will be distributed to the committee and external examiner. Should you wish, you may move ahead to step 13 and submit your thesis and supporting documentation to the Thesis Registration System. An external examiner will be asked for a post-defence report by DGS if the examiner has identified the thesis as exceptional.

The student commitee will not be included in any communication with the external examiner. For DGS, as well as the tri-council, conflict of interest is assessed for the possibility of both actual conflict and perceived conflict — in this case, between the senior supervisor or sjbmitting student and the external examiner. Before registering to submit xubmitting thesis in the Thesis Registration System, ensure that your Thesis Title and Abstract have been authorized by your senior supervisor.

Dates and Deadlines

If a student completes thesix degree requirements during the first calendar submittign of the semester, they may be eligible for an early completion refund. Guidelines Spring Summer Fall After submission, your thesis will enter the queue for processing, which does not affect your requirements for graduation – please see After thedis have submitted your thesis to the Library.


For doctoral dissertations the examiner must be from outside the University. Additional tuition will be assessed, normally on the same basis as for students enrolled on an extension of the time limit for degree completion.

You should not need to bring anything but your thesis and presentation notes but you may wish to work with your graduate secretary or program assistant to ensure that the following will be available:.

submitting thesis sfu

The email must provide the following. Upon completion of this stage, you will receive an email from the Assistant sfk Theses. Appropriate audio-visual equipment, if required to support your presentation. See also full list of forms for graduate students.

It is the department’s responsibility to distribute the report to the rest of the committee. Your thesis must be submitted to the Library by the term’s deadline date and time —or within 3 weeks of the date on your Supervisor Revision Memo—whichever happens first. On the new page, look to the right of Overall Balance and click on the blue link Downloadable Account Statement by Term.

submitting thesis sfu

Withdrawals Please see the Withdrawals page for information regarding withdrawal and applicable refunds of tuition fees. The second and third outcomes cited in Graduate General Regulation 1. Use the drop down box to select the term of the Account Statement you wish to print.

Thesis Examination Procedures

If problems are found with your thesis or accompanying forms at the intake stage, you will receive an “Alert” email detailing the problems and asking you to make the necessary changes within a reasonable time.

The department administers some funds from a university submittiing examiner travel support program.

Check the Student Information System for the most current schedule of courses and and enroll in the courses for the next term. Digital signatures are not accepted on the Non-Exclusive Copyright License.


The student does not need to formally apply for this.

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Any corrections that may be required will not delay your graduation. These are the required timelines in the Graduate General Regulations and your department may have earlier deadlines; please consult your graduate secretary or program assistant.

If the thesis is over 24 MB please do not use Dropbox etc. At least two weeks before your defence date, unbound copies of your thesis must be distributed to your committee members, plus theis additional copy to your department for inspection by interested faculty and fellow students.

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What is the timeline for scheduling a Master’s defence? The last day for library thesis submission is here. Once you have entered information into the fields e. At least four weeks before your defence date, unbound tuesis of your thesis must be distributed to your committee members.

submitting thesis sfu

The examining committee suvmitting require formal re-examination under section 1. The following is a list of relationships that could be perceived as creating a conflict of interest: The thesis may be passed on the condition that revisions be completed to the satisfaction of the senior supervisor.