A clockwork orange introduction essay. Grades will be assigned per subject based on the following: We recognize that in order to be successful at school, our children need support from both the teachers and the parents. Social Workers are dedicated to providing academic, social, emotional guidance and counselingservices to our students and their families. All Form Tutors will take roll and keep a record of absences and tardiness. How to write case study in research paper.

Securing safe and comfortable physical environment. Report cards are issued at the end of each term. During the second term of an academic year, admissions take place only during the first 2 weeks of the term. Essay on uses of trees and plants. The school is divided into two distinct schools: Dissertation aim of the study.

Thamer international school homework agenda

Academic Probation can occur at the end of one school year for the first reportingperiod of the following school year. Free write essay topics. Business, Internnational, History and Psychology. In all cases, parents will be contactedby supervisors when their children are absent to check out of the reason for their absenceand to arrange a way to send their agenda if applicable. Essay on major domains of the earth.

thamer international school homework agenda

Suspension of bus privileges for five school days. The counseling process may include: This givesus an important mix of experiences that helps to enrich the educational provision for our students. In terms of academic requirement,students are expected to complete all tasks and sit for all examinations.


Some vaccines are usually provided by the M. Students must return or replace damaged echool stolen property.

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Click here to download it now. We are looking forward to a productive partnership with you to ensure our children can achieve their highest potential. The Math department of each school will assign the required material for the competition.

Students are not allowed to check their exam sheets once they submit them. Teachers on duty will line wgenda students and avoid congestion during break times. It is expected that the students will attend classes on a daily basis. Students will be promoted from one grade to another after passing the exam. MyMaths MyiMaths The Science department of each school will assign the requirements for participation in the competition.

thamer international school homework agenda

Kindly do not ask the school for a full scale hunt to be carried out if your child has lost something,we cannot do this! School Transportation Discipline Policy: Students give these excuses to theirHead of School so that the letter is kept in their file.


The use of bad language will not be tolerated. It is the responsibility of the parent to keep this information up to date.

thamer international school homework agenda

GuidelinesHomework assignments must be planned carefully in accordance with the following guidingprinciples: If the report is not in English, jnternational should provide a translation with the original. The medicine must be clearly identified with the reason, time, dosage, student’s name and class. South korea research paper topics. Good behavior may be rewarded by certificates awarded during the morning assemblies or by extra student merit points added on the report card.

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Agendq middle school math course 3 homework and practice workbook answers. How to write a good business plan for a restaurant. In addition to the above consequences,Theft. Extend and reinforce classroom instruction. If the accident is severe that the student requires immediate hospitalization, T.

The students will be issued a zero on the test and parents will be notified. Must successfully passes the entrance interview and examination.