One Perspective on the Experience. In hindsight, the Channel Tunnel was constructed to specifications finally, reflecting the high professionalism of the technical aspects. One solution would be to consider the sub-projects themselves with reference-class forecasting, while the larger project has additional criteria. At this juncture, it must be noted that the Chunnel project was sufficiently huge that sub-projects from different phases had independent timelines that occasionally overlapped. How and when to implement the solution, and how to evaluate it, are even much more important than the solution itself.

A Project Management Perspective This resulted in very fine concrete rubble collecting on the access walkway and the roof of the HGV wagons. Published by Reilly Squier Modified over 5 years ago. The team was unable to find these original documents. A Project Management Perspective length of the tunnel was decided to be The Treaty described the construction and operation of the Chunnel by private organizations. The ethics of such contracts should be explored and defined by a neutral party in future, especially for large-scale projects, so as to minimize any negative repercussions.

A Project Management Perspective scheme would motivate contractors to work as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, resulting in a win-win for both sides. In particular, the team focused its performance in key project management areas.

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The specifications for British rolling stock and French rolling stock were not the same. Despite many discussions and lots of correspondence, very little progress was made on how to converge these different priorities. A large part of the struggles were do to inflexibility of some characteristics of the project, and cross-cultural exchange between 2 countries.


Knovel subscription is supported by Knovel Guest Usage. This led to some of the complications that manifested later in the project.

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This was essentially a risk-averse strategy, helping to reserve government funds. A Project Management Perspective Delivered by: Also, the need for proper cost and time estimations allowing for uncertainties and contingencies was highlighted. For example, the management, under credit constraint, had to propose lump- sum contracts, which were unrealistic for this class of projects. According to Flyvberg one of the Flyvberg papersunder-estimation of true costs is extremely common in infrastructure projects due to the highly competitive bidding process.

In order to confirm ground condition, it was decided that the service tunnel would always be driven not less than 1km ahead of the trailing rail tunnels to act as a plot.

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The Channel Tunnel Story pp. To make things worse, some solutions were not unassailable, which led to accidents in the future operation.

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It was also used to give access for grout injection to improve running tunnel driving conditions where it was required. Cookies are used by this site.

This proposal included a This was done on an interim report as well as the final draft, and many helpful suggestions were exchanged. In the Channel Tunnel project, the scope creep and last-minute changes in design specifications e. The air- conditioning issue was discovered unintentionally at the end of the execution phase, which was too late for the Eurotunnel Group to solve the problem.


According to the Channel Tunnel Treaty, the tunnel would have to be funded completely through private investors without any help from the government. But both parties agreed that the greater economic chunne was worth the effort.

Return on Investment R. Financing thus came from equity and loan capital markets. Perhaps the binational teams were seen as necessary, and also efficient since the project was being constructed from both sides of the Channel independently.

The Channel Tunnel (Chunnel) Project Case Study

It also included specific details regarding the purchase of land, insurance obligations and exercise of the right of substitution. A Project Management Perspective profit was much higher for the Tunnel, since there were plans to have tolls as well as revenues from billboard advertising.

the chunnel project case study pmp

Channel Tunnel Project Overview. Registration Forgot your password? Overall, this report aims to be open-ended and neutral. IGC dragged its collective feet until costs for some modifications skyrocketed. In the mid-way of design, IGC decided to increase these by a factor of four, projdct was seen as being over-designed.