I think the general idea of being able to talk about our research concisely is great. Information technology Technical services and infrastructure that support teaching, learning, research and administration. As a mature aged part time student juggling work and motherhood, the last thing I need are distractions — and I see 3MT as a big one. Sections of this page. You are commenting using your Google account. Piled Higher and Deeper Website.

Plus, no offense, you found the time to read this post and write a comment among work and motherhood which I know are time consuming and far more important than 3MT; and possibly you will also have the time to read this reply. Annie is disturbed by how the 3MT can position research and researchers as heroes:. I like to feature advice from students for other students. Mewburn, I , ‘Troubling talk: Thesis Hub Education Website.

I think the reasons are cultural. Thanks for mentioning them! However, your publications, which are usually between 5, words long, will be more helpful to get a job in academia or get a research grant.

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I found all that very helpful. For me, that is the big problem with the 3MT.

I am sure some do it, but the path is much harder and the odds much lower as a result many fewer of that age group would have the education, knowledge, etc. Phd Candidates should be treated as emerging scholars — anything that explicitly positions them as students is problemmatic.


The Research Whisperer Education Website. This line sums it up for me!! I came across the phenomenon towards the end if my Masters degree. Research Wahlberg Just For Fun.

The Thesis Whisperer’s top tips for starting your research project

This one gets quite technical, but I hope it’s still comprehensible! Assuming I lived nearby, I might still find myself reluctant to enter on the basis of lack of confidence about the importance of my research.

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Colvin, University of South Australia, Australia, pp. This post is a follow up to The Uneven U, which was a popular post at the start of the year about a useful formula for writing paragraphs.

Associate Professor Inger Mewburn

Search query Search button. Or ask for a hand-out. Biography I am a research educator who has thhesis working with PhD students for over a decade. Talking builds connections and connections build careers.

Because the first thing you do when you meet a person that can be a potential connection to a job is not handing them over your 5,word paper but rather a one-minute introduction to what you do. Constructive, inclusive, hands-on and gloves off, “How to be an academic” is a survival manual for aspiring and practising academics that will confirm that no matter what your experience in academia, you are not alone.

I think explaining the implications of the research is the hardest part. Her background was English and she was born right about the time the car was first manufactured. I am known internationally for my expertise in research and education, which has resulted in frequent appearances as an expert keynote speaker at conferences, whidperer and internationally. I understand the reluctance, I really do.


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I feel that 3mt really helped me think about being more engaging and practising whizperer as well in front of an audience. The second runner up presented a very similar 3MT talk. Because as Einstein famously said: One slide and 3 min would have been a piece of cake after what my advisor had asked me to do.

thesis whisperer anu

And yes I realize there are also likely a few 28 year old grandmas out there who were screwing at 12 and gave birth and then a rinse and repeat with the next generation. Critical perspectives on educational technologyed. Reading — you already know how to do it well… or do thesi However I do share her discomfort with the idea that the 3MT is only for junior wuisperer.

If people want to know more? But for some reason, my gut instinct about 3MT on my PhD topic was a very firm no.