Two, high temperatures put crops under stress more frequently, which in turn causes stomates to close. The average annual minimum temperature for the 30 year span ends up at This view is also supported by the view that annual day on heavy precipitation declines over the period. Because precipitation increased at Wabash watershed for the period under review, the results do not quite agree with the theory. The Separation Of Capital Ownership And Control words – 7 pages The argument of whether the separation of capital ownership and control is an efficient form of organization has constantly been a controversial issue. Also the tens years range establishes that in the wake of early 60s some instances of reduced temperature ranges were witnessed. The changes and trends observed in the Wabash Valley Watershed suggest that global warming theory must continue to be a valid scientific investigation, and resources must be utilized to fully understand the scope of impact such warming trends will have on the planet.

When considering the impacts of future precipitation anomalies on water supplies, it is important also to consider the impacts of possible high temperatures Winstanley, et al. The graphs give results that would identify if there is really a global warming in the said area. Because precipitation increased at Wabash watershed for the period under review, the results do not quite agree with the theory. There are some studies about the possible effects of global warming in a certain geographical area—the Wabash River Watershed. According to global warming theory, increase in temperature means more evaporation from the ocean. Exploring the dynamics of global warming, we are left with two pertinent challenges, an increase in temperatures, or a drop in temperatures. This is in part due to the increased rate of evaporation due in part to the Global warming theory.

Evidences of Global Warming in Wabash River Watershed

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Forests and naturally occurring vegetation is the first causality of human agency. Runoff There is an increase in runoff due to increased precipitation.


Everyone on the planet needs to be aware of the consequences of their actions in dabash to global warming or as most people know it, The Green House Effect. As an indication, precipitation levels would increase, and more severe storms in the sea would be experienced due to high moisture levels.

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This could be due to some hidden variables or known variables interacting in a way that is not fully understood. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

Global warming is a resultant of Heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere. However, the general trend of the year running mean is upward. Moisture deficit Moisture deficit declined suggesting that drought induced deficit should have been the case. Also the tens years range establishes that in the wake of early 60s some instances of reduced temperature ranges were witnessed.

Warm air over the arctic melts the ice that moves into the ocean, which becomes darker. Even though the data suggests a possible global warming, it does not show that there will be droughts in the area. Natural factors may relate to floods, epidemic, warming as well as rising in sea-level.

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Retrieved May 22,from https: However, increased evaporation is projected to lead to a soil-moisture deficit, reduced lake and river levels, and more droughtlike conditions Winstanley, In many places, shallow aquifers act as reservoirs from which groundwater can percolate slowly downward to recharge deep aquifers.

The current environmental crisis such as global warming, water scarcity, ozone depletion, and biodiversity depletion is caused by anthropocentric perception of nature.

The statistical data was gathered from ; this data was compiled using raw, 5-year average, and year average data which produced information on average annual minimum and maximum temperatures, annual precipitation, evaportranspiration, annual deficit, surplus and runoff that helps prove that global warming is indeed taking place.

The precipitation level in the area is increasing as time passes by. The increase in minimum temperature recorded during the year period can be construed to mean the presence of global warming. In the Wabash Valley Watershed, these changes are observable.


Small changes in precipitation, moisture, and local temperature will have a tremendous impact on human life due to their expected impact on food production.

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Concerning the study on essat and is established by this research it would be also important to examine data regarding crop and animal production. Global warming Essay Essay Topic: Conclusion The human intervention could not have been avoided during the long course of history of mankind as man is bound to interact with its environment. What this shows is that the changing climatic variations are hazardous.

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The average annual minimum temperature is also increasing over 1-year, 5-year, and year trends. Global warming theory predicts a situation where increase in temperature leads to more water vapor due to evaporation leading to an increase in precipitation. Also, it is crucial to note that the primary features of greenhouse gases which are water vapor, methane and carbon dioxide could be controlled by having environmental friendly greenhouses and this would entail planting more trees and using less farm chemicals which are released to the atmosphere.

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The increasing level would flood cities and destroy infrastructure in low-lying areas.

Also incase of low temperatures this may cause droughts as well as an increase in animal migration not to mention an increase in water in the moisture and this may cause freezing. Though governments have started taking the issue more holistically, a significant modification in human agency pattern is not expected immediately.

Such evidences of the area demonstrating global warming are the levels of precipitation, the average minimum temperature, and waterehed evapotranspiration.