What they want is instant gratification. He claims he uses the app up to a dozen times per day. Since Best Buy bills customers directly, this arrangement also removes the interchange fees that Wunwun typically pays twice: When you open our app, it asks you a simple question: So the vendors could be Whole Foods, maybe something like Shake Shack and then your local liquor store. Snatching his phone from the conference table, Hnetinka rapidly scrolls through his last ten orders.

Hnetinka was ultimately arraigned on over misdemeanor charges stemming from the business. Instead of arranging transportation, he left them stranded: Now the company is ready to scale, and scale quickly. In another incident, Hnetinka ordered 98 high schoolers out of a house after the landlord became aware of the party. WunWun is for the convenience customer. In a moment of desperation, his trusty cofounder, Calvin Lai, ran out the door, making deliveries by foot and subway since the roads were too icy for his bike. Hnetinka ran a bait-and-switch operation, using a house at Noyac Road in Sag Harbor as the bait.

wunwun business plan

Maybe they were scared by what Amazon has done with their sellers or how they use customer data businesx then sell items themselves. They hold all the inventory. He was also accused to continuing to host paid parties after he was first arrested. Go beyond the articles Corporate subscribers get quick and easy plab to the exact data and analysis they need to make critical business decisions: By Clay Dillow March 12, He had an extensive manual of rules for the kids, ordering them to “not speak” to police and that they were only allowed to drink liquor that was “clear.


By using existing retail establishments as its warehouses, Wunwun requires no inventory or other physical infrastructure outside wunwn the offices that house its roughly 20 employees.

Retailers, equipped with iPhones provided by Wunwun, will receive orders directly and ready the items for pickup. Hnetinka, who showed it to her himself, whnwun the talk,” she said.

The party was shut down. Snatching his phone from the conference table, Hnetinka rapidly scrolls through his last ten orders.

wunwun business plan

Busineds business plan to crush Amazon is just delivering things for free. Both women maintain that Mr.

While Amazon, Google, and eBay fight the same-day delivery wars, Hnetinka, an avid user of his own service—on an average day he might place 10 orders using Wunwun—says that turnaround is still too slow. The immediacy of having a package show up within an hour is immensely satisfying and something customers are willing to pay a premium for, he says.

Wunwun takes on Amazon, Google in same-day delivery wars | Fortune

The pilot is currently live in New York City, though the company has plans to expand this partnership to San Francisco. He then founded a chat wuneun called ” Bubble ” that also sputtered out.

He settles on a couple of cayenne- and lemon-heavy juice shots and places the order through the app. Delivery usually takes less than an hour, often more like half an hour.

In another incident, Hnetinka ordered 98 high schoolers out of a eunwun after the landlord became aware of the party.

Delusional Delivery CEO Was Once Arrested For Scamming Teenagers

Small fees can be accrued if a user requires a courier to travel outside of a pre-set geographic zone, but an average order on an average day means the user pays only the cost of the goods plus tip. But last holiday season we also made our own online stores offline. Instead of arranging transportation, he left them stranded:.


His eyes light up. Since launching in earlyWunwun—which stands for what you need, when you need—has built a cultish following in New York City, using an Uber-like model to deliver practically anything in Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn.

But Hnetinka is confident that Wunwun has flown under aunwun radar long enough—and can now scale fast enough—to remain competitive no matter what other companies do.

I steal a glance at my watch. Then he explains how Wunwun will best Amazon, Google, and the rest of the competition in the same-day delivery game.

By Alice Truong 4 minute Read. Go beyond the articles: The progression to Uber and car service wunwkn is a natural progression in ecommerce.

Mobile App WunWun Delivers Anything in an Hour

And once customers get into a habit of using Wunwun they tend to start using it more and more often, he says. It was an on-demand pop-up shop.

wunwun business plan

What do you want? Through the deal with Best Buy, that order would go not only to a Wunwun helper but to a Best Buy store as well, where a store employee would find and ring up the item.

And we have buyers—you, me and everyone else who WunWuns.